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Data and Bidirectional Transmissions under Part 15.231

Application note AN-00128 provides an overview of two distinct issues related to compliance under Part 15, Section 231 of the United States FCC regulations.

The Basics of Remote Control and Remote Keyless Entry

As wireless systems have become more integrated and lower in cost, more and more products are seeking a competitive edge through the addition of remote control features.

Considerations for Operation within the 260–470MHz Band

Application note AN-00125 is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of the legal and technical considerations for operation of RF devices in the 260MHz-470MHz band within the US.

RF Information

Application note AN-00100 helps to give a better understanding of how signals are transmitted and received in an RF environment.

Use and Design of T-Attenuation Pads

Application note AN-00150 explains the use and design of T-attenuation pads.

Reading the Tx ID from the MS and HS Decoders

Application note AN-00156 will discuss how to read the Tx ID number from a Linx MS or HS series of decoder.

The FCC Road: Part 15 From Concept to Approval

Application note AN-00140 gives a brief overview of the legal issues governing the manufacture and sale of RF products intended for unlicensed operation in the US under CFR 47, Part 15.

Connecting to the Serial Interface on the MT Series Transcoders

Application note AN-00157 provides details on the advanced features and serial command set of the MT series transcoders.

Considerations for Operation within the 902-928MHz Band

Application note AN-00126 is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of the legal and technical considerations for operation of RF devices in the 902MHz-928MHz band within the US.

Serial Load Techniques for the HP3 Series

Application note AN-00155 details the process of sending a channel number to the HP3 modules using a serial link from a microprocessor.

Modulation Techniques for Low-Cost RF Data Links

Application note AN-00130 explains the operation, benefits, drawbacks, and applications of both CPCA and FSK modulation techniques for low-cost RF data links.

SDM-USB-QS-S Programmer's Guide

Application note AN-00200 documents the interface functions and gives examples of how to use them in the application software.

Addressing Linx OEM Products

Application note AN-00300 describes how to set the addresses and associate transmitters and receivers in each of Linx's three OEM product lines.

Antennas: Design, Application and Performance

Application note AN-00500 will give a basic understanding of an antenna's function, operational characteristics, and evaluation techniques; it will also briefly touch on low-power antenna design considerations.

Installing the SDM-USB-QS-S Drivers

Application note AN-00201 explains how to install the SDM-USB-QS-S drivers on the host PC.

FCC Road Resource Document

This document from Linx contains FCC application notes, FAQs, FCC contacts, CFR 47 Part 2, CFR 47 Part 15, FCC approved domestic test facilities, and an explanation of the approval process.

Considerations for Sending Data with the LC Series

Application note AN-00232 gives considerations for sending data with the LC series modules, assuming the application is suitable under the FCC rules or the rules of the country in which operation is intended.

Considerations for Sending Data Over a Wireless Link

Application note AN-00160 gives considerations for sending data over a wireless link, helping engineers design a suitable protocol for their application.

Encoder and Decoder Comparison

Application note AN-00310 gives an overview of encoder/decoder ICs and explains the differences between Linx encoders and decoders and those offered by other manufacturers.

Understanding Antenna Specifications and Operation

Application note AN-00501 gives information to help in understanding antenna specifications and operation.