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Vishay Sprague
135D Series
Vishay Sprague
HI TMP® 134D Series
Vishay Sprague
Military, MIL-PRF-39003/1, CSR13 Series
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HI TMP® 134D Series

High Temperature Axial Leaded Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Vishay Sprague

The HI TMP® 134D Series features a glass to tantalum hermetic seal for operation from -55°C ~ 200°C. Options are also available to 200°C max operating temperature.

Product Description

Vishay 134D HI TMP® represents a major breakthrough in wet tantalum capacitor technology for high temperature (+ 200°C) applications such as that seen in the petroleum exploration industry. Its unique design provides for the highest capacitance per unit volume. The design facilitates a doubling of capacitance when compared with conventional wet tantalum products. The 134D is housed in an all tantalum, hermetically sealed case and is manufactured to withstand high stress and hazardous environments.

  • Capacitance:10µF ~ 680µF
  • Features:Wet Tantalum
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 200°C
  • Package / Case:Axial, Can
  • Type:Hermetically Sealed
  • Voltage - Rated:50V ~ 125V

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134D106X9125C6134D106X9125C6CAP TANT 10UF 10% 125V AXIAL 10µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D336X9075C6134D336X9075C6CAP TANT 33UF 10% 75V AXIAL 33µF±10%75VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D476X9125F6134D476X9125F6CAP TANT 47UF 10% 125V AXIAL 47µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D476X9060C6134D476X9060C6CAP TANT 47UF 10% 60V AXIAL 47µF±10%60VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D506X9125F6E3134D506X9125F6E3CAP TANT 50UF 10% 125V T/H 50µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, CanRoHS
134D506X9125F6134D506X9125F6CAP TANT 50UF 10% 125V AXIAL 50µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D686X9050C6134D686X9050C6CAP TANT 68UF 10% 50V AXIAL 68µF±10%50VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D686X9100F6134D686X9100F6CAP TANT 68UF 10% 100V AXIAL 68µF±10%100VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D107X9125T6134D107X9125T6CAP TANT 100UF 10% 125V AXIAL 100µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D117X9075F6134D117X9075F6CAP TANT 110UF 10% 75V AXIAL 110µF±10%75VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D117X0075F6134D117X0075F6CAP TANT 110UF 20% 75V T/H 110µF±20%75VHermetically SealedAxial, CanRoHS
134D157X9125K6134D157X9125K6CAP TANT 150UF 10% 125V AXIAL 150µF±10%125VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D157X9060F6134D157X9060F6CAP TANT 150UF 10% 60V AXIAL 150µF±10%60VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D187X9075F6134D187X9075F6CAP TANT 180UF 10% 75V AXIAL 180µF±10%75VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D227X9050F6134D227X9050F6CAP TANT 220UF 10% 50V AXIAL 220µF±10%50VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D227X9100K6134D227X9100K6CAP TANT 220UF 10% 100V AXIAL 220µF±10%100VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D337X9075T6134D337X9075T6CAP TANT 330UF 10% 75V AXIAL 330µF±10%75VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D397X9060T6134D397X9060T6CAP TANT 390UF 10% 60V AXIAL 390µF±10%60VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D407X9100K6134D407X9100K6CAP TANT 400UF 10% 100V AXIAL 400µF±10%100VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D477X9075K6134D477X9075K6CAP TANT 470UF 10% 75V AXIAL 470µF±10%75VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D477X9050T6134D477X9050T6CAP TANT 470UF 10% 50V AXIAL 470µF±10%50VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D687X9050K6134D687X9050K6CAP TANT 680UF 10% 50V AXIAL 680µF±10%50VHermetically SealedAxial, Can
134D687X9050K6E3134D687X9050K6E3CAP TANT 680UF 10% 50V T/H 680µF±10%50VHermetically SealedAxial, CanRoHS

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