Mit einem erhöhten Bedarf an Effizienz, kleinerer Grundfläche und niedrigeren Kosten, wurde die TechZone für Stromversorgungslösungen von Digi-Key entwickelt, um Ingenieuren nützliche und zuverlässige Alternativen zu bieten, die Ihnen bei der Erfüllung all ihrer Leistungsanforderungen helfen.

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MPS's MP100L is a compact, inductorless, good-efficiency, offline regulator for low-power applications.
Yageo's high CV MLCC capacitor consists of a rectangular block of ceramic dielectric in which a number of interleaved metal electrodes are contained.
The STripFET H7 series of trench-gate, low-voltage MOSFETs (30 V) combine an extremely low on-resistance and ultra-low capacitances with an optimized built-in Schottky diode for higher switching frequency operation in applications such as telecom, motherboards, and solar inverters.
TI’s TPS630250 are high efficiency, low quiescent current buck-boost converters for applications where the input voltage is higher or lower than the output.

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The tutorial will review the features and benefits of the EZA2500 converter and highlight typical applications.
eGaN technology offers higher power density through size reduction and speed reduction, and parasitic reduction.
Learn about the brick families of board mounted, isolated DC-DC converters from GE.
ZMS100 Series units are conservatively designed for long field life and are capable of either convection cooled or forced air cooled operation, available with single output voltages of 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 28 V, 36 V, and 48 V.

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ROHM designs and manufactures integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, and other electronic components. These components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive, a...
Overview of ROHM Semiconductors SiC MOSFET Technology.
This video features MPS’ recently released low voltage (18V-24v) modules, ranging from 600mA to 20A. It highlights the benefits of using modules and MPS’ advantages.
Lighting power supplies in LLC applications
ROHM BD9E100FJ Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Regulator
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